Covid-19 Measures

What we’re doing to keep our customers safe

  • We are encouraging our customers to order online, by app, or by phone and to use contactless payments, pre paid collection and delivery services to minimise contact.
  • We have introduced contact-free delivery for customers who are self-isolating, unwell or just wanting to minimise contact.
  • Our delivery area has expanded to accommodate more customers and to help reduce the amount of people visiting our stores.
  • The latest Government advice allows for walk-in customers so we have zoned the customer area of the shop in line with social distancing guidelines.
  • We will have staff on hand at busy times to help manage queues and ensure everyone is keeping a safe distance.
  • A limited number of customers will be allowed inside each store at any time.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for customers on entering the premises

    • What we’re doing to keep our employees safe

      These measures include separation from customers at key locations, optimising spaces and practices in the workplace to facilitate social distancing, wherever possible. Specific actions include:

      • Using an infrared thermometer when staff start a shift.
      • Using gloves and disposable aprons where appropriate and safe to do so.
      • Asking employees to travel to work directly from home and arrive in a clean, freshly laundered uniform for each shift.
      • Frequent handwashing in addition to usual hygiene practices.
      • Revising processes in food preparation areas, chiller rooms and how employees use staff rooms, offices and take breaks.
      • Wearing gloves when handling cash, but contactless payments will be encouraged.
      • Wearing headsets when dealing with telephone calls to avoid cross contamination between employees.
      • Installing perspex screens between staff and customers at till and wrap areas.
      • Limiting the numbers of customers at any given time.
      • Providing hand sanitisers for customer and supplier use.
      • Installing floor markings inside the shop to indicate safe distance.
      • Signage directing customers to the till or pre-paid collection point.
      • Regular sanitising of customer areas throughout the day.

      We have completed a revised risk assessment to spot potential hazards and take corrective action. We will continue to review processes, making any changes possible to reduce risk. Our full risk assessment report is available to view online.

      Covid-19 Risk Assessment